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Here, you can find out everything there is to know (which in many cases isn't much) about each of the characters in my videos. As odd as it sounds, the number one question I get about the characters is "what is that character wearing?" On these pages, we will finally put that question to rest.

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Aquaman's Lament Bacteria Betty and Me Blue Sunny Day
Chiron Beta Prime Code Monkey / Speed Monkey Creepy Doll Cruel, Cruel Moon
Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance First of May Flickr I Feel Fantastic
Just As Long As Me Live Mr. Fancy Pants Podsafe Christmas Song
Re: Your Brains Shop Vac Skullcrusher Mountain Still Alive
The Big Boom The Captain's Wife's Lament The Future Soon Tom Cruise Crazy

Chiron Beta Prime

This video marked the first (and so far, only) time I ever made a video for a song I'd previously played over the scrolling credits in a previous video. "Chiron Beta Prime" was the ending song for "Podsafe Christmas Song".

Some people think that the blood elf being tossed out of the airlock is "Soterios Johnson". It doesn't hurt to think that it is, but I never intended for that poor blood elf to be SoJo.

The Fam

Each character has their holiday outfit they wore at the beginning of the video, and their mining outfit they wear for the remainder of the video.

Note that the brother is the only character wearing handgear. That's because we needed to be able to identify whose hand falls out of the pie...

  • Dad, holiday
  • Green Winter Suit
  • Green Winter Pants
  • Blood Knight Boots
  • Dad, prisoner
  • Banshee Armor
  • Beaded Britches
  • Mom, holiday
  • Red Winter Suit
  • Red Winter Pants
  • Abjurer's Boots
  • Mom, prisoner
  • Barbaric Cloth Vest
  • Watcher's Leggings
  • Sister, holiday
  • Windroc Shroud
  • Abyssal Mail Sabatons
  • Sister, prisoner
  • Thistlefur Jerkin
  • Tattered Cloth Pants
  • Brother, holiday
  • Sawbones Shirt
  • Greenkeeper's Pants
  • Acolyte's Shoes
  • Brother, prisoner
  • Trapper's Shirt
  • Unkempt Pants
  • Ancestral Gloves


Poor Grandma. Good thing the robots are just protectors, right?

  • Press Felt Robe
  • Abyss Walker's Boots