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Here, you can find out everything there is to know (which in many cases isn't much) about each of the characters in my videos. As odd as it sounds, the number one question I get about the characters is "what is that character wearing?" On these pages, we will finally put that question to rest.

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Re: Your Brains Just As Long As Me Creepy Doll Skullcrusher Mountain
Code Monkey / Speed Monkey First of May Podsafe Christmas Song Betty and Me
I Feel Fantastic The Future Soon The Big Boom Chiron Beta Prime
Mr. Fancy Pants Flickr Bacteria Live
The Captain's Wife's Lament Shop Vac Tom Cruise Crazy Cruel, Cruel Moon
Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance Blue Sunny Day Still Alive Aquaman's Lament

Code Monkey / Speed Monkey

"Code Monkey" is the most popular of all my videos, and "Speed Monkey" is its far less popular sequel. "Speed Monkey" has all the same characters in it as "Code Monkey", which is why they're combined into a single page here. "What is that hot armor the receptionist is wearing during the Code Monkey dream sequence?"
I'm glad you asked (if you didn't ask, you're one of the few people who haven't). The Receptionist is wearing Hyperion Armor on her chest and legs. However, the Hyperion Armor you can find in the game nowadays doesn't look like that anymore (it looks a lot less sexy now, in my opinion). This is why The Receptionist is wearing different leggings in "Speed Monkey" than in "Code Monkey" -- by the time I made "Speed Monkey", WoW had changed the way the leggings looked and I needed to dress her in something else. It's a shame.

The Receptionist

See above for an explanation of why she's wearing what she's wearing.

The Receptionist makes a guest appearance in "The Big Boom", running from a ghoul early in that video. She is one of the few characters in that video to not meet a grisly on-screen death.

The Receptionist also makes a guest appearance in the opening shot of "Still Alive".

  • Normal Receptionist
  • Burnished Tunic
  • Bonecaster's Sarong
  • Dream Receptionist
  • Hyperion Armor (chest)
  • Hyperion Legplates (look different in the game now)
  • Rageclaw Helm
  • Flameweave Cuffs
  • Speed Monkey Receptionist
  • Hyperion Armor (chest)
  • Cindercloth Pants
  • Hyperion Greaves
  • Beaststalker's Bindings (wrist)

Rob makes a guest appearance in "The Big Boom" in the church. He also makes a guest appearance in "Shop Vac" as the neighbor who gets barfed on (poor Rob).

  • Orange Mageweave Shirt
  • Tuxedo Jacket
  • Dirtwood Belt
  • Dragonflight Leggings
  • Rambling Boots
Code Monkey

Code Monkey doesn't wear anything at all, baby.

Code Monkey makes a guest appearance in "The Big Boom". It's hard to tell, but he's the one getting eaten by the undead hound. I almost didn't include him in that video because it wouldn't have made sense for a gorilla to be in the city when the undead attacked. But I knew people would be looking for him, so I made his gruesome death slightly off-camera as a compromise.