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Here, you can find out everything there is to know (which in many cases isn't much) about each of the characters in my videos. As odd as it sounds, the number one question I get about the characters is "what is that character wearing?" On these pages, we will finally put that question to rest.

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Re: Your Brains Just As Long As Me Creepy Doll Skullcrusher Mountain
Code Monkey / Speed Monkey First of May Podsafe Christmas Song Betty and Me
I Feel Fantastic The Future Soon The Big Boom Chiron Beta Prime
Mr. Fancy Pants Flickr Bacteria Live
The Captain's Wife's Lament Shop Vac Tom Cruise Crazy Cruel, Cruel Moon
Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance Blue Sunny Day Still Alive Aquaman's Lament

Betty and Me

This video consistently gets the most vehement comments posted on YouTube. Apparently people seem to think Betty is up to something, and they're not shy about voicing their low opinion of her.

Betty has two sets of clothes (three, if you count the lack of clothes she sometimes has when Doc Martin is around). She wears the Dreadmist set for most of the video, but wears the Mageweave set in the scene where Dr. Martin sends it to her as a present.

Betty makes a guest appearance in "The Big Boom", lying dead outside Boomer's front door with Dr. Martin. I get many YouTube comments expressing delight at Betty's deserved demise.

Betty is also apparently a news anchor, working at Action Nine News alongside Soterios Johnson in "Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance".

  • Dreadmist Robe
  • Aboriginal Footwraps
  • Black Mageweave Vest
  • Black Mageweave Leggings
  • Bracers of Undead Cleansing
Dr. Martin

Dr. Martin is easily the most reviled and admired villain in any of my videos. You can never tell when he's going to show up and steal someone else's date.

Doc Martin makes a guest appearance in "The Big Boom", lying dead outside Boomer's front door with Betty. According to the YouTube comments, many people feel this is a fitting reward for the dastardly Doctor.

Doc Martin also makes a guest appearance in "I Feel Fantastic", leaving the restaurant with Fantasti-dwarf's date (blink and you'll miss him), and in "Shop Vac", giving Mrs. Orc Vac the attention she's not getting from her husband. Dr. Martin gets around.

The Doc finally gets what's coming to him in "Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance".

We see Doc Martin crying his eyes out all alone in Denny's at night in "Blue Sunny Day".

  • White Swashbuckler's Shirt
  • Sage's Pants
  • Boots of the Full Moon
The Sucker

We never find out what this guy's name actually is, but he needed a name while I was making the video, so he got stuck with the unfortunate nickname, "The Sucker".

The Sucker makes a guest appearance in "The Big Boom", running from a felhound during the undead attack.

  • Blue Linen Shirt
  • Brutish Belt
  • Burnt Leather Breeches
  • Buurnt Leather Boots
Son of Betty

We never actually see the real baby in the video. Whenever he appears, it's part of some sort of fantasy or imagining by The Sucker, and the baby looks very different each time. I've chosen to disregard his murlock, dinosaur, winged/tailed, and giant-headed versions for the purposes of this page and stick with the most normal (cough) versions of the character.

  • Baby Dwarf
  • Darkmist Wizard Hat
  • Easter Dress
  • Baby Elf
  • Durable Robe