What Are All Those Icons?

The hero in "I Feel Fantastic" takes a total of 77 pills to help him feel fantastic, represented by 77 different item or spell icons from World of Warcraft. Below is the list of what all those icons are from in the game. Keep in mind that World of Warcraft reuses icons to represent many different things in the game, so if I list one item and you think it should be another one, we're probably both right. :)

If you want to quiz yourself, you can hover your mouse over any of the icons and a tooltip will pop up showing you the name.

  1. Lightwell
  2. Mote of Air
  3. Fel Iron Ore
  4. Herb Baked Egg
  5. Primal Earth
  6. Mote of Fire
  7. Thorium Ore
  8. Heavy Sharpening Stone
  9. Summon Charger for Driving Pill
  10. Wrath for Wake-up Pill
  11. Small Lustrous Pearl for Sleeping Pill (with the "zzz" added by me)
  12. Seed of Corruption
  13. Arcane Missiles
  14. Primal Shadow
  15. Mountain Lion Blood
  16. Mote of Mana
  17. Create Soulstone
  18. Golden Pearl
  19. Primal Life
  20. Mithril Frag Bomb
  21. Silver Ore
  22. Void Sphere
  23. Thornling Seed
  24. Abolish Disease for pill for social anxiety
  25. Adamantite Weightstone
  26. Worn Turtle Shell Shield
  27. Durable Fire Opal
  28. Mithril Ore
  29. Solid Sharpening Stone
  30. Arcane Explosion
  31. Pyroblast
  32. Frost Grenade
  33. Astral Recall for Calminex
  34. Rethban Ore (yes, I know this one disappears for a second during the video)
  35. Arcane Bomb
  36. Burning Pitch
  37. Water Walking
  38. Primal Mana
  39. Black Pearl
  40. Copper Ore
  41. Timeless Chryoprase
  42. Glowing Eye of Mordresh
  43. Iridescent Pearl
  44. Rune of Teleportation
  45. Olemba Seed
  46. Fel Weightstone
  47. Prismatic Sphere
  48. Blue Pearl
  49. Indurium Ore
  50. Soothing Amethyst
  51. Mote of Earth
  52. Spellstone
  53. Truesilver Ore
  54. Eye of Burning Shadow
  55. Pumpkin Bag
  56. Primal Fire
  57. Mote of Shadow
  58. Mote of Life
  59. Rough Sharpening Stone
  60. Powerful Seaforium Charge
  61. Primal Water
  62. Nightmare Seed
  63. Large Copper Bomb
  64. Fel Iron Bomb
  65. Tasty Lion Steak for Steak Tastes Better Pill
  66. Muck-ridden Core
  67. Maple Seed
  68. Eye of Sulfuras
  69. The Big One
  70. Elemental Sharpening Stone
  71. Primal Nether
  72. Coarse Sharpening Stone
  73. Incendicite Ore
  74. Healthstone
  75. Mote of Water
  76. Spore Bat Eye
  77. Demonic Figurine