Characters & Videos

Here, you can find out everything there is to know (which in many cases isn't much) about each of the characters in my videos. As odd as it sounds, the number one question I get about the characters is "what is that character wearing?" On these pages, we will finally put that question to rest.

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Re: Your Brains Just As Long As Me Creepy Doll Skullcrusher Mountain
Code Monkey / Speed Monkey First of May Podsafe Christmas Song Betty and Me
I Feel Fantastic The Future Soon The Big Boom Chiron Beta Prime
Mr. Fancy Pants Flickr Bacteria Live
The Captain's Wife's Lament Shop Vac Tom Cruise Crazy Cruel, Cruel Moon
Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance Blue Sunny Day Still Alive Aquaman's Lament

Shop Vac

"Shop Vac" is an ode to suburban angst. The ending is a little dark, but that's life in the 'burbs.

For those of you looking for continuity flubs in the vids, here's one -- Mrs. Shop Orc's brown underwear shows in some of the shots and is invisible in others. I forgot to make it invisible every time. :(

Mr. Shop Orc
  • Guardian Armor
  • Bandit Cinch
  • Bandit Pants
  • Adventurer's Boots
  • Barbaric Bracers
  • Bonechill Hammer
Mrs. Shop Orc
  • Barbaric Cloth Robes
  • Archer's Boots
The Kids

The grown-up versions of the kids are shown below. The younger versions of the kids are just the generic "orcmalekid" and "orcfemalekid" models from the Model Viewer.

  • Brother
  • Orange Martial Shirt
  • Azure Silk Pants
  • Brawler's Boots
  • Sister
  • Bloodsail Shirt
  • Bloodfist Legplates
Guest Appearances

  • Mr. Fancy Pants ("Mr. Fancy Pants") as the fake friend who doesn't call anymore.
  • Dr. Martin ("Betty and Me") as the wife-stealing Night Elf.