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Here, you can find out everything there is to know (which in many cases isn't much) about each of the characters in my videos. As odd as it sounds, the number one question I get about the characters is "what is that character wearing?" On these pages, we will finally put that question to rest.

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Re: Your Brains Just As Long As Me Creepy Doll Skullcrusher Mountain
Code Monkey / Speed Monkey First of May Podsafe Christmas Song Betty and Me
I Feel Fantastic The Future Soon The Big Boom Chiron Beta Prime
Mr. Fancy Pants Flickr Bacteria Live
The Captain's Wife's Lament Shop Vac Tom Cruise Crazy Cruel, Cruel Moon
Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance Blue Sunny Day Still Alive Aquaman's Lament

Creepy Doll

This video gets many comments saying how spooked or freaked out the commenter was after watching the video. I figure those have to be exaggerations. The video's not that creepy.

The visual quality of this video is so bad and blurry and dark and grainy, that this is the video I wish I could redo the most. But the source files are long gone and I'd have to do it again from scratch, which isn't likely to happen.

At the very end of "Creepy Doll", a woman wearing red comes along and finds the new doll. Is that the same character that's in "Skullcrusher Mountain"? It's the same character in the sense that I was using my wife's main WoW character at the time for both videos. I never really meant for them to be the same actual character, although it doesn't hurt anything if they are. The girl in "Re: Your Brains" is my wife's WoW character too.

Twitter: I made a short little video using the Creepy Doll characters to announce that I'd finally joined Twitter. It featured a wonderful reimagining of Jonathan Coulton's "Creepy Doll" song with a Tchaikovsky slant to it by BorbaSpinotti.
Creepy Doll

Yes, it's true. The doll's eyes do change color at different points in the video. That's because I had different characters I'd created to appear in different locations, and I must have gotten one character close to but not exactly like the other. Sorry 'bout that.

Creepy Doll makes a guest appearance in "The Big Boom", standing to the far right inside the church. All you can see is her hand and one of her ponytails. I had planned on her only being partially visible in this shot, but she's less visible than I had planned because I messed things up, cropping off the right and left edges of the shot. Hopefully, the fact that you can only see her hand and ponytail makes her even more creepy.

  • Apprentice's Robes
  • Aprentice's Boots
City Guy

City Guy makes a guest appearance in "The Big Boom", lying dead in a spreading pool of blood with a larva crawling out of his stomach. What a way to go.

  • Squire's Shirt
  • Squire's Pants
  • Squire's Boots