Print & Play Accessories

I use 110 lb. card stock paper when I print my accessories on my home printer. I've used both a color laser printer and an inkjet printer. Both work well.

I don't have any advice for printing these at a print shop because I've never done it (sorry).

Accessories grouped by expansion

What's included in each set:
Card Boxes
Custom card boxes for all of the heroes, villains, and environments. There is one set sized for unsleeved cards and one sized for cards in penny sleeves - you can print whichever set you need.
  • For unsleeved cards: 2-5/8" wide, 3-5/8" tall, 3/4" (hero) or 1/2" (villain/enviro) deep
  • For cards in penny sleeves: 2-3/4" wide, 3-3/4" tall, 3/4" (hero), 5/8" (villain), 1/2" (enviro) deep
I've been asked if I would make boxes to fit cards in premium quality sleeves. Unfortunately, premium sleeves come in different sizes and I can't maintain an entire set of box templates for every size of premium sleeve that exists in the world, so unsleeved and penny-sleeved is all I've got.

I still have the original hero-only, non-sleeve card boxes which are sized for the original printing of the game, on the thinner cardstock. If you have the Enhanced Edition, you don't need these.

Oversized Hero HP Trackers
These are 4x6 oversized hero cards which include an integrated hp tracker. The larger character card really make the heroes look great on the tabletop.
Oversized Villain cards
These are 8x6 oversized villain cards. They combine the two separate villain cards that come with each villain deck into a single, giant target for your heroes to battle. I've made a few changes to the layout of the rules to enhance their readability, which helps as you're quickly scanning the cards looking for start-of-turn or end-of-turn effects.
Environment Mats
These are 8x7 cards that act like a placemat for the environment deck, with spaces to put the deck and discard piles. The mat doesn't add any actual functionality to the game but I think having it laid out on the table helps give the environment more of a visual presence in the game.

Other accessories

3D Effect-Tracking Tokens

3D Tokens
These are pyramid-shaped 3D tokens you can use to help you remember effects on cards during your games. I had specific uses for each in mind when I made them, but you can use them however you like. The tokens are:
  • Green shield (reduce damage to a target)
  • Blue shield (some other damage reduction or redirection effect)
  • "S" (indicates a card has a start-of-turn action)
  • "E" (indicates a card has an end-of-turn action)
  • Explosion (increase damage dealt by this target)
  • Inward-facing Arrows (reduce damage dealt by this target)
  • Exclamation point (a generic token to remember some effect on the card)
  • A reversing arrow (indicates the card has an effect which triggers reactively, when something else in the game happens)
  • A "not" symbol (indicates something can't be done, like a target can't attack, or a player can't play cards, etc.)
  • Skull (put one on each nemesis to help remember to increase their damage to each other)

Tiny HP Trackers

Tiny HP Tracker
These are small (a little bigger than an American quarter) hp trackers you can use instead of tokens, dice, or pen & paper. They are best suited for minions or other lower-hp targets in the game, though they can be used for heroes and villains too. They are not perfect replacements for other hp tracking methods (for example, you can manipulate a die or a pencil with one hand while these require two), but these won't be affected by an accidental table bump the way dice can, you don't have to continually make change for hp tokens with these, and you won't have to count and recount pile of counters when determining who has the highest/lowest hp on the table.

Dual-Dial HP Trackers

Dual-Dial HP Tracker
These are about the size of a playing card so they can be easily stored along with the rest of your decks. The two dials allow you to track hp up to 99 so these are best used for tracking hero or villain hp. There are eight different designs in the PDF with different colors and characters on them to give you a range of choices.

Customized Character cards

Customized Character Cards
I've made changes to a few hero and villain oversized character cards to make them more fun to play (in my opinion) and have collected them here in case you want to give them a try too. These are the versions I play with all the time. They are:

  • Akash'bhuta: Nature's Fury. Akash'bhuta starts with a few Primeval Limbs in play at the start of the game, which makes the game a bit more action-packed from the get-go.
  • Ambuscade: Trapmaster. Changes the way trap cards work (they trigger immediately when revealed rather than being buried back in the deck) and puts traps into play face-down at the start of the game waiting to be revealed when Devices are destroyed. IMO, this changes Ambuscade from a faceroll to a fun challenge.
  • Gloomweaver: Extra Gloom. Increases the challenge of Gloomweaver quite a bit by making zombies much tougher and making it so that heroes who are pinned can't deal damage to anything but their pin until it's been destroyed. This version feels more like a "3" difficulty villain than his normal version does.
  • Mr. Fixer: Stance-Shifting Master. Changes Fixer's base power so that if a stance or tool was played that turn, his Strike ability does one extra damage. This encourages the player to continually swap out stances and tools like a good martial arts mechanic would, but doesn't penalize you if you want to keep the stance/tool you have in play.
  • Wraith: Rook City Detective. This changes Rook City Wraith's base power by just a bit, allowing Wraith to not only discard or play a revealed environment card, put also put it back on top of the deck if you want. This increases the amount of deck control the power provides to make it feel more right to me.

Universal Effects Tracker

Universal Effects Tracker
This is a card you can use to track universal modifiers during a game. If a modifier affects all hero targets, or all environment cards, etc., just drop a single token onto this card to track it. It is 2.5-in x 6-in, which matches one of my oversized villain cards in height.

Deck Search Sheets

Deck Search Sheets
Our gaming group has found that even with decks we're familiar with, when we play a card that lets you search your deck for a certain type of card, there's often a lull in the action as the player picks through every card in the deck looking at all of their choices. A better solution is to have a quick-reference sheet listing all the possible options for each of the search cards so that you can choose the card you want before you even pick up the deck to find it. That's what these sheets are for.

Each page in the file has multiple sheets on it which you'll cut out and keep handy whenever you need to search for a card. Each of those sheets is twice the size of a physical card, which means you could just fold them in half and put them in the box with the deck they go with if you want. Or you can do what I do and just staple them all together.

Quick Reference Sheet

Quick Reference Sheet
If you've been keeping up with SotM, you've likely got quite a few heroes, villains, and environments to choose from whenever you play. I find that rather than digging through my box of cards to see who I'm in the mood to play, it helps to have the menu of choices all in one place.

Vertical Card Dividers

Vertical Card Dividers
The game and each expansion come with a set of colorful dividers for separating your cards. These dividers are great for storing cards in a horizontal orientation, but if you store your cards vertically (like I do), the provided dividers aren't much use. This file has vertical dividers for all decks in the game, color-coded so it's easy to tell which are heroes, villains, environments, etc. Each divider also shows the hero's/villain's/environment's difficulty rating.

OblivAeon standups

OblivAeon standups
Sure, the OblivAeon expansion came with a cool OblivAeon standup to move between battle zones, but what about everyone else? This file has printable standups for every hero in the game (not every variant, every hero), all the Scions, and each of OblivAeon's three forms, plus a couple of extra options for the more changeable heroes like Naturalist and Sky-Scraper.

Hunted Naturalist Form Tracker

Hunted Naturalist Form Tracker
The Naturalist's promo card, The Hunted Naturalist, allows him to choose a form which lasts until the end of his next turn. Because it's his next turn, that means he will often have two forms in effect at the same time (this turn's choice and last turn's choice) and it can be difficult to keep track of the choices from turn to turn.

This tracker has two dials to show which form you chose this turn (top) and last turn (bottom). When your turn is over, you clear the "chosen last turn" dial (one of the choices on the dial is blank) and rotate the tracker so that your current choice (the top dial) becomes your previous choice (the bottom dial). Rinse and repeat.

Alternately, you can use the 3D tokens in this file to track form choices. After your turn, you remove all "last turn" tokens and flip all "this turn" tokens to show "last turn". The tokens are also useful if you use a power out of turn and so can get three forms in play at once.

The dial tracker is card-sized for easy storage along with the rest of deck.

Alt. Bunker Mode cards (plus Naturalist)

Alt. Bunker Modes cards
I play a slightly modified version of Bunker's Mode cards, but rather than having to fit custom cards in with the rest of the deck, whenever I play a Mode card, I lay out one of these oversized Mode cards (sized to be the width of two vertical normal cards) instead.

These modified Mode cards can be returned to your hand at the start of Bunker's turn rather than being destroyed, and with Upgrade and Recharge mode, allow you to get the full benefit of the Mode on the turn you play them rather than having to wait an additional turn before the full benefits kick in.

Tip: whenever I play a Mode card, I put the normal-sized card from my hand beneath the oversized one, so it's out of sight. Later, if the Mode is removed from play for whatever reason, I just set the oversized version aside, and put the original Mode card wherever it needs to go.

Bonus: Here are three oversized form cards for the Naturalist. No rules changes, I just thought they'd be fun to use.

The Cauldron: oversized cards

The Cauldron: oversized cards
The Cauldron is a very popular fan-made collection of decks for SotM created by Matthew Bishop (tosx on BGG). I've made a few oversized hero and villain accessories for tosx's stuff, though it's not a complete set.

Last updated: 1/30/15