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Note: to save your character selections, simply
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Your choices will be saved in the resulting URL, so
you won't have to check/uncheck characters every time
you want a new match-up.

Matches can be launched in SotM: The Video Game
(on iOS devices only) using the results from this Randomizer
if the checkbox below is checked - the link to do this will
display below the Randomizer results. Decks which are available
in that app are marked with an asterisk (*) in the lists below.

Include only decks in SotM: The Video Game
(not available for multi-villain games)

Include These Heroes: (collapse/expand)

Core Set (toggle group)
  Absolute Zero *
  Bunker *
  Fanatic *
  Haka *
  Legacy *
  Ra *
  Tachyon *
  Tempest *
  Visionary *
  Wraith *
Rook City (toggle group)
  Expatriette *
  Mr. Fixer *
Infernal Relics (toggle group)
  The Argent Adept *
  NightMist *
Shattered Timelines (toggle group)
  Chrono-Ranger *
  Omnitron-X *
Vengeance (toggle group)
  The Naturalist
  The Sentinels
Wrath of the Cosmos (toggle group)
  Captain Cosmic *
  Sky-Scraper *
Villains of the Multiverse
  - none
OblivAeon (toggle group)
  La Comodora
Alts & Promos (toggle all)
  Alt: Young Legacy *
  Alt: Rook City Wraith *
  Unity *
  Alt: Fanatic the Redeemer *
  Alt: Ra, Horus of Two Horizons *
  Alt: Dark Visionary *
  Alt: Team Leader Tachyon *
  Alt: Elemental Wrath Absolute Zero *
  Alt: Freedom Tempest *
  Alt: Wraith, Price of Freedom *
  Alt: Golem Unity *
  Alt: Bunker, Engine of War *
  Alt: Eternal Haka *
  The Scholar *
  Alt: America's Greatest Legacy *
  Alt: G.I. Bunker *
  Alt: Dark Watch Expatriette *
  Alt: Dark Watch Mr. Fixer *
  Alt: Dark Watch Nightmist *
  Alt: Dark Watch Setback
  Alt: Prime Warden Argent Adept
  Alt: Prime Warden Haka
  Alt: Prime Warden Fanatic
  Alt: Prime Warden Tempest
  Alt: Prime Warden Captain Cosmic
  Alt: Super-Scientific Tachyon *
  Alt: Rogue Agent K.N.Y.F.E.
  Alt: Kvothe Six-String Argent Adept
  Alt: Termi-Nation Absolute Zero
  Alt: Termi-Nation Bunker
  Alt: Termi-Nation Unity
  Alt: Santa Guise
  Alt: Adamant Sentinels
  Alt: Hunted Naturalist
  Alt: Chrono-Ranger: Best of Times
  Alt: Scholar of the Infinite
  Alt: America's Cleverest Legacy
OblivAeon Kickstarter (toggle all)
  Void Guard Dr. Medico
  Void Guard Idealist
  Void Guard Mainstay
  Void Guard Writhe
  Alt: Ms. Luminary
  Alt: Darkwatch Harpy
  Alt: Spirit of the Void Akash'thriya
  Alt: Curse of thet Black Spot La Comodora
  Alt: Blood Mage Lifeline
  Alt: Void Guard Dr. Medico
  Alt: Void Guard Idealist
  Alt: Void Guard Mainstay
  Alt: Void Guard Writhe
  Alt: Benchmark, Supply and Demand
  Alt: Action Hero Stuntman
  Alt: Visionary Unleashed
  Alt: Captain Cosmic Combo
  Alt: Completionist Guise
  Alt: Omnitron-U
  Alt: Fugue State Parse
  Alt: Extremist Sky-Scraper
  Alt: XTREME Prime Warden Argent Adept
  Alt: XTREME Prime Warden Haka
  Alt: XTREME Prime Warden Fanatic
  Alt: XTREME Prime Warden Tempest
  Alt: XTREME Prime Warden Captain Cosmic
  Alt: F5 Absolute Zero
  Alt: F5 Bunker
  Alt: F5 Legacy
  Alt: F5 Tachyon
  Alt: F5 Wraith
  Alt: Setting Sun Ra

Include These Villains: (collapse/expand)

Game type: Normal Multi-villain

Core Set (toggle all)
  Baron Blade *
  Citizen Dawn *
  Grand Warlord Voss *
  Omnitron *
Rook City (toggle all)
  The Chairman *
  The Matriarch *
  Plague Rat *
  Spite *
Infernal Relics (toggle all)
  Akash'bhuta *
  Apostate *
  The Ennead *
  GloomWeaver *
  Ambuscade *
Shattered Timelines (toggle all)
  La Capitan *
  The Dreamer *
  Kismet *
  Iron Legacy *
  - Multi-villain games only
Wrath of the Cosmos (toggle all)
  Deadline *
  Infinitor *
  Kaargra Warfang *
  Progeny *
Villains of the Multiverse
  - Multi-villain games only
Alts & Promos (toggle all)
  Alt: Cosmic Omnitron *
  Alt: Mad Bomber Blade *
  Miss Information *
  Alt: Spite, Agent of Gloom *
  Alt: Skinwalker Gloomweaver *
  Wager Master
  Alt: Tormented Ally Infinitor
  Alt: Unstable Kismet

Include These Environments: (collapse/expand)
Core Set (toggle all)
  Insula Primalis *
  Megalopolis *
  Ruins of Atlantis *
  Wagner Mars Base *
Rook City (toggle all)
  Pike Industrial Complex *
  Rook City *
Infernal Relics (toggle all)
  Tomb of Anubis *
  Realm of Discord *
Shattered Timelines (toggle all)
  Time Cataclysm *
  The Block *
Vengeance (toggle all)
  Freedom Tower
  Mobile Defense Platform
Wrath of the Cosmos (toggle all)
  Dok'Thorath Capital *
  Enclave of the Endlings *
Villains of the Multiverse (toggle all)
  The Court of Blood
  Madame M.'s Fantastical Festival
  Temple of Zhu Long
OblivAeon (toggle all)
  Fort Adamant
  Nexus of the Void
Alts & Promos (toggle all)
  Silver Gulch, 1883 *
  Final Wasteland *
  Celestial Tribunal

Note: the randomizer will never choose more than
one alt of the same character for the same game, and
including more than one version of a character will not
give that character a greater chance of appearing in the
randomizer's results.